Gas calibrators


LNI Swissgas has developped a wide range of gas calibration systems which exactly fits the need of air pollution monitoring network. Depending on the device, you are able to dilute high concentration ppm gas cylinders to ppb values (Mass flow controllers and sonic nozzles dilution are available). The gases like NO2, SO2, BTEX, NH3… can be generated by permeation. The ozone is generated by an internal UV controlled ozone generator and can be used to perform a Gaseous Phase Titration (GPT) to generate N=2. Of course all devices are available with their optional zero air generator.

Our gas calibration systems have big advantages compared with low concentration gas cylinders: better stability, accuracy and less expensive gas consumption. One calibration system is enough to calibrate a complete anaysis bench. With its RS232 remote interface it is possible to drive the Sonimix from a data acquisition system (or directly from the analysers). The Sonimix calibration systems are the right tool to perform high quality regular check of the analysers. All models are available in 19” for rack and portable casing.

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