Gas Mixers

Gas mixing system and gas blender for laboratory

LNI Swissgas is the specialist in gas mixers.
We provide high quality products worldwide using the latest technologies  allowing our customers the highest productivity and competitiveness.
Over the time or according regulations and devices requirements, calibration operations are required for each measured compound and our Sonimix gas mixers are the essential tools. They provide precision, reliability and versatility. They are based on the principle of gas flow through Sonic Nozzle or Mass Flow Controllers and are build according to the ISO 6145/6 standard.

What is a gas mixer?


Gas mixers, also named Gas blenders, are systems able to mix two or more gases from gas cylinders. The gas mixture produced allows to avoid to use expensive premixed gas cylinders. Gas mixers are used in many industrial and analytical applications where high volume of gas mixture is needed. Gas mixture, also known as gas dilution, is used to give the correct specifications to the detectors, monitors, analysers and sensors for the best accuracy of results.

What are the applications of gas mixing systems?


LNI is present in all fields where gas and gas mixtures are necessary.

The most frequently used application of gas mixture is in the calibration and linearity check of gas detectors, monitors, analysers and sensors. Gas mixture are also needed for example for R&D of new devices, quality control and laboratory application.

Another frequent application of on-site gas mixture is in the industrial sector. In the automotive industry, emission test benches have to be calibrated to be in line with various standards and obligations.

The accuracy of gas measures is a crucial point for a new or existing engine development. In Emissions, CO2 taxes and regulations oblige power plants and incinerators owners to regularly measure and calibrate the emissions of their installations.

In Air Pollution Monitoring, ambient Air monitors need to be checked and calibrated on a daily basis.

In order to fulfil the various normalisations standards, the Sonimix gas mixers are the essential tools. They provide the precision, reliability and versatility. Linearity and calibration of test bench become very simple. Our gas dilution systems ensure the traceability of measurements to the national standards and supervise the good functioning of the analysers.

Why is LNI unique?


LNI has been using a unique precise technology for years. Our gas mixer SONIMIX 2106 is a gas divider using “Sonic Nozzles” technology to generate the mixture

The pure mechanical process means that the flow of the sonic Nozzles remains very stable and do not drift. The Sonic behaviour of the nozzles means that the SONIMIX dilution rates are not influenced by pressure atmospheric changes. This is why the SONIMIX 2106 is the most accurate gas mixer in the market with a global uncertainty of 0.6% relative.

The ISO 17025 calibration certificates are very important. LNI is unique also because we not only give in the certificate the value of the flow rate and dilution ratio, but also the related uncertainty. In addition, our uncertainty measurement and procedure are yearly checked by an external company. The ISO 17025 calibration certificates are recognized worldwide through the Ilac/MRA agreement.

For more than 30 years LNI has developed premium gas mixers and calibrators for analytical, industrial and environmental purposes. When you choose to work with a LNI gas calibration system to calibrate your instrument, you’re also working with over 30 years of combined expertise and innovation that provide reliability and accuracy for your analytical results.

What are the advantages over gas cylinders mixture?


Safety: Less manual cylinder handling

Cost savings: on-demand production, no transport, no material handling, no cylinders changeover operations, etc.

Return on investment: to check or linearize a multigas analyser in 5 points for each of the 5 different gases with cylinders, or to check the CO2 interference at 5 CO Values for 5 CO2 concentrations, approx. 25 different gas cylinders are needed!

Highly reliable with permanent mixture monitoring; the generated mixture’s concentration is continuously monitored by a gas analyzer

• Time-saving: higher user tool availability by eliminating auto-calibration gas cabinet

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