Ozone generator – Primary transfer standard

The Sonimix 4001 is a stand alone ozone primary transfer standard able to generate ozone together with dry or wet air (optional) allowing to calibrate the ozone monitors in several points. It generates an outflow of 3 Nl/min air containing 10 to 1000 ppb O3, with stability and reproducibility of the concentration better than 1% relative. The extended range model generates 10 ppb to 10 ppm at 3 L/min and 10 ppm to 35 ppm at 0.9 L/min.
The Sonimix 4001 is using pressure regulator and sonic nozzles and an ozone generator including thermostatisation and regulation by UV light photometer measurement with atmospheric pressure and temperature corrections (US EPA method of UV absorption by ozone, Beer-Lambert law). The ozone analyser is built with 1 reference UV light detectors that measure in alternance the UV intensity without any ozone and then the same UV light but through the generated ozone. With these 2 values, the processor calculates the amount of ozone generated.

Ozone generator Sonimix 4001

Product features

  • Stable and accurate > 1% (rel.)
  • Calibration with dry & wet air
  • Included novel LED photodetector
  • Ergonomic with LCD display

Main applications

  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Laboratory (ozone transfer)

Technical specifications


Sonimix 4001

6800 17 000

standard range

6800 17 001

extended range

General data


From 10 to 1000 ppb in 1 ppb steps @ 3 L/min

From 10ppb to 10 ppm @ 3 L/min + 10ppm to 35 ppm @ 0.9 L/min

Dilution principle

Sonic nozzles and high precision pressure regulators

Dilution air

Dry air from internal zero air (option) or external dry air source

Generated gas flow

3000 ml/min for range 1

900ml/min for range 2


10 ppb to 100 ppb : +/- 2 ppb

>100 ppb : 1.5% relative

Ozone Repeatability

Better than 1% relative

Warm up time

< 45 min

Stabilization time

< 15 min

O3 regulation

Measure of the UV light absorption of the generated ozone by UV reference photometer. (US EPA method and Beer Lambert law). Including atmospheric pressure and room temperature corrections


19cmx36cm, 50cm deep

Net weight

15 Kg

UV Section

UV lamp life time

About 10’000 hours (with a mean concentration of 1 ppm)

Zero Air section

Life Time

Annual preventive maintenance


O3, NO and NO2 < 1 ppb – H2O < -40°C dew point


Outlet Port

Teflon 1/4‘’ Swagelok fitting

Electrical data

Power supply voltage

230V/50-60Hz – 117V/60Hz – 100V/60Hz

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