Success stories from our customers

We wish to share our best customer stories highlighting customer success with LNI Swissgas products and solutions.

Transforming Labs, the impact of 12 new LNI laboratory benches at Univertity of Parma, Italy

In a groundbreaking move to foster innovation and modernize advance scientific research, the University of Parma in Italy recently completed the installation of 12 cutting-edge laboratory benches. This strategic initiative not only modernized the university’s research infrastructure but also played a pivotal role in shaping the future of academic exploration.

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Successful LNI gas generators installation for multidimensional GC and LC

Studies of new N2 carrier gas usage, in comparison with H2 and He for a a Shimadzu Key Customer in an Analytical Chemistry Department.

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LNI proud to support Artist Mascini in a project with H2 gas

LNI has successfully contributed to the Lethe project by Dutch artist Vibeke Mascini. The art project was to generate hydrogen from glacier water as a renewable source of electricity.

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ZenTech S.A Belgium

NGA CASTORE XS iQ SHI and its exclusive bench KOMFORTO M to support Shimadzu LCMS 8050 instrument.

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LNI rack gas generators in a practical MODULO bench.

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LNI NG CASTORE XS iQ and KOMFORTO bench solution

for a pharmaceutical company.

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Leeden National Oxygen Ltd

Highest Hydrogen flow rate HG PRO 1500 model to support 7 units GC-FIDs successfully.

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