Success stories from our customers

We wish to share our best customer stories highlighting customer success with LNI Swissgas products and solutions.

LNI proud to support Artist Mascini in a project with H2 gas

LNI has successfully contributed to the Lethe project by Dutch artist Vibeke Mascini. The art project was to generate hydrogen from glacier water as a renewable source of electricity.

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ZenTech S.A Belgium

NGA CASTORE XS iQ SHI and its exclusive bench KOMFORTO M to support Shimadzu LCMS 8050 instrument.

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LNI rack gas generators in a practical MODULO bench.

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LNI NG CASTORE XS iQ and KOMFORTO bench solution

for a pharmaceutical company.

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Leeden National Oxygen Ltd

Highest Hydrogen flow rate HG PRO 1500 model to support 7 units GC-FIDs successfully.

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