Zero air generators


Zero air generators completely remove hydrocarbons, CO2, NOx and H20 from the air stream. This avoids the need to use inconvenient air cylinders, which are hazardous for laboratory operations.

A Zero Air Generator is a system that produce zero air for laboratories applications


Zero air is a clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free and pollutant-free air used in many laboratories for analytical purpose. Hydrocarbons (mainly methane) are present in the air and could influence analytical results.

With a zero-air gas generator, hydrocarbons and other pollutant like humidity, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2 are removed from the air leaving only pure and dry air to supply demanding applications.

LNI zero air generators are able to remove the total hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm from external compressed Air or ambient when an integrated compressor is used.

The filtration of the hydrocarbons is performed by using a catalytic oven filled with palladium. The reduction of hydrocarbons, including methane, and carbon monoxide decrease the background noise level and gives much better baseline stability, considerably increasing detector sensitivity and ensuring precise analytical results.

Zero air application is usually used for GC (Gas Chromatography application) and in particular for FIDs (Flame Ionization Detectors) and FPDs (Flame Photometric Detectors). But it can also supply TOC (Total Organic Carbon Analyser) and other applications.

Benefits of On-Site zero air Generators vs zero air Gas Cylinders

Many labs still purchase expensive zero air cylinders. Zero air generators are a safe, green and reliable alternative to cylinders.

Safety and easy to use

Safety in a lab is paramount and on-site zero air generation is much safer than gas cylinders storage. A gas generator produces on-demand pollutant-free air at a controlled level and at low pressure. It does not store any air zero gas inside itself. There is no risk of leaks. In the unlikely event of a leak, only a very small quantity of gas is released without any explosion risks.

A gas generator is more cost-effective than cylinders

Gas generators produce on-demand gas eliminating gas wastage, delivery costs, cylinder rental charges, maintenance costs of cylinders, downtime costs, administration costs (re-order, prices increase) etc. Return on investment usually takes less than 1 year, depending on the application requirements (usage and purity).

  • Deliveries and bottles changeover often cause critical downtime. With on-site gas generation, zero air is supplied to the application at the appropriate quantity, at the appropriate purity level and exactly when needed.
  • Gas prices are unstable. With a lab gas generator on-site, the production of zero air is on-demand and does not depend on suppliers.
  • Gas generators maintenance is easy and very low. Remote control avoids disassembly and allows the manufacturer to analyse critical equipment parameters as well as identify pending failures before they affect your lab operations.
  • Gas generators of LNI have an energy savings competitive advantage when compared to others.

A gas generator is a green solution

  • On-site gas generators reduce carbon footprint. A small and light machine with a push button next to your instrument replaces thousands of hazardous gas cylinders
  • On-site gas generation uses renewable resources air and water
  • On-site gas generators eliminate gas deliveries forever
  • The remote diagnostics capability on our products helps us to support our customers quickly while avoiding travel, whenever possible, and the environmental impact it imposes on our planet.
  • Our products utilize technology with energy savings features

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