Transforming Labs, the impact of 12 new LNI laboratory benches at Univertity of Parma, Italy

Type of customer

Campus Universitario, University UNIPR, PARMA City


Prof. Maria Careri, Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry Dept


Parma (Italy)



Main application

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory – Customized furnitures, oriented on open spaces and continuous renewal of the instrumental fleet.


Main needs

Functional and fashion Chemistry Laboratory, with high compatibility within all involved Specialists, from electricians to bricklayers, through architects and civil engineers and Analytical Instruments Producers. Renewal needed taking into consideration the compatibility of the furniture with the chemicals and equipment used in the lab as well as adherence to safety regulations and industry standards and well-being of personnel.


Main solution

Functional and customized benches for students and researchers, with space optimization for PC, monitor, printer and waste bottles. Chemical-resistant top table for heavy GC, LC and MS, with high attention to operators through noise cancellation of roughing pumps. Horizontal cabinets to preserve visual width through glass walls. Very accurate choice of solutions in accordance with customer expectations: as many as 12 pieces have been successfully installed from our STABILO, KOMFORTO and other writing desks and cabinets.



Space improvement

A compact solution for our workspace with all the features the university was looking for.


Noise improvement

Quieter Environment through noise cancellation of roughing pumps.

What have you improved?

Creating a clean more efficient, practical and quiet workspace in the  laboratory, by combining various elements required in a complete installation.

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