ZenTech S.A Belgium

Biotech Company
Specializing in supporting patients from the early stages of life, ZenTech focuses resources on the development of a wide range of products for neonatal screening.

Delphine Debois
Chief R&D Officer

Main Location, city
4031 Liège, Belgium


Our Main Application

ZenTech is a biotechnology company specializing in the development and commercialization of In Vitro solutions and reagents. Carried out non-invasively, the tests allow the detection of rare metabolic, genetic, diseases on blood samples called Dried Blood Spots. The analytical equipment used are various instruments, one of them is LC-MS. Their LC-MS analysis requires suitable supply of Nitrogen. The task was to provide a practical workspace in combining various elements required for complete install of Shimadzu LCMS 8050 instrument to assist with R&D.


Our Choice

LNI provided ZenTech with a Komforto M192 bench and an NGA CASTORE XS iQ SHI. The bench is providing a practical and efficient workspace to run the Shimadzu LC-MS, while accommodating the nitrogen generator underneath the bench and eliminating additional requirement of space for the generator itself. The roughing pump is noise cancelled within the bench. In combination with the lowest available noise of a nitrogen generator with integrated compressor all parties were impressed and are very excited to work with the system. LNI focuses on creating safer, more quiet and more efficient workspaces in the lab.


Main Benefits

With a reliable supply of nitrogen from the generator, the need to manually replace empty cylinders is eliminated.  More importantly, safety of the laboratory is also enhanced as the source of hazard is eliminated.  LNI Swissgas offers exchanged parts program and reasonable cost of PM and this is expected to provide lower operating cost over other brands. Finally customer is working with LNI equipment which is improving his place of work.






Safety Improvement.  Eliminate the need for nitrogen gas cylinders


Very compact workspace accommodating entire equipment – such as LC-MS, Roughing Pump, Bench and Gas Generator.

  • NGA Castore XS iQ SHI – specifically designed for Shimadzu LC-MS models and a KOMFORTO bench with noise cancelling for Roughing Pump (temperature controlled).

  • All equipment fitting on top of the bench (wider and smaller versions are available).

Questions to our expert

Would you recommend LNI Swissgas?

Customers looking for benches and / or LC-MS nitrogen gas generators should definitely consider LNI.


  • Product is adapted to the application´s requirements as well as customer´s requirements
  • The nitrogen generator is so quiet that after starting the generator we have immediately recognized the difference to our existing nitrogen generator from a different vendor
  • A compact solution for our workspace with all the features we were looking for.


Delphine Debois

Chief R&D Officer

Responsibility: Managing the entire R&D Lab team

LNI warmly thanks Madame Delphine Debois for her time and consideration.

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