LNI proud to support Artist Mascini in a project with H2 gas

LNI is proud to have contributed to the success of art project Lethe, of Dutch artist Vibeke Mascini which research was to find unlikely renewable sources of electricity.



Generating H2 from glacier water

The project consisted in transforming glacier water into electricity to produce hydrogen. Mascini has obtained access to the plant of the Swiss electricity company Kraftwerke Zervreilawith where the company generates electricity from melt glacier water. LNI has been chosen as the partner to provide an electrolyser for the energy storage of hydrogen. An hydrogen generator, HG PRO 900 has been utilized to produce hydrogen with the water of the Swiss glacier and store it into gas cylinders.


Hydrogen storage in cylinders

LNI hydrogen generator HG PRO 900 has been utilized to produce hydrogen with the water of the Swiss glacier. Hydrogen was then stored into gas cylinders. Around 12 50L of hydrogen gas have been stored in cylinders.


Hydrogen cylinder power lighting

H2 cylinders have been transported to power electricity during Mascini’s exhibition at RADIUS, a new and exciting centre for contemporary art and ecology throughout summer 2022 in Delft, the Netherland. Exhibition has showned successfully unlikely renewable sources of electricity.






Customer satisfaction. New way to use our gas generators and new source of power production researched originally for an art exhibition on renewable energy


Success in production and cylinders of hydrogen and success in exhibiting new green energy.


  • Pic.1- LNI hydrogen Generator HG PRO supplying hydrogen gas in cylinder

    Lethe, 2022 by Vibeke Mascini

  • Pic. 2 Dutch artist Vibeke Mascini with our LNI Swissgas team from Versoix, Switzerland, and Thomas van Dijk

  • Pic.3- Hydrogen cylinder power lighting at RADIUS.

    Lethe, 2022 by Vibeke Mascini

    Photographer: Gunnar Meier

Discover the project

Discover Mascini’s art project: click here

Dutch artist Vibeke Mascini.

Exhibition in Delft, NL, until September, 11, 2022

Click here to know more about the exhibition

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