Gas mixer

The Sonimix 7050  is a simplified gas mixer based on the principle of gas stream through mass flow controllers (MFC) and mainly used to calibrate and linearize Gas Monitors. Built according to the ISO 6145/7 normalization, the Sonimix 7050 is totally compatible with the US EPA methods and can be easily linked with National Standards (NIST, METAS, UKAS…).

The Sonimix 7050 Multi range gas mixer performs a large range of gas mixtures from high concentration gas cylinders

Gas mixer Sonimix 7050

Product features

  • Good accuracy and stability
  • Remote control
  • Maintenance free
  • High dilution range
  • US EPA method

Main applications

  • To fulfill the ISO 14 481 standard
  • Laboratory (quality control of gas Monitors)
  • Interference measurement
  • Gas monitors / gas sensors manufacturer calibration
  • To generate specific atmospheres

Technical specifications

Model: SX 7050 SX 7050 2L1R SX 7050 2L2R SX 7050 2L3R
Flow rate (Max) 3,5 or 5 L /min (other flow under request)
Dilution MFC (mass Flow Controllers)
Dilution range 10% to 100% 1% to 100% 0.1% to 100%
Carrier gas Requires dry (-40°C DP) Air, Nitrogen or other
Accuracy of Flow ±(0,5% RD + 0,1% FS)
Repeatability of Flow 0.2% RD
Flow control Stability 0.1% FS
Flow Temperature Sensitivity zero: < 0,05% FS/°C; span: < 0,05% Rd/°C
Flow Pressure sensitivity 0,1% Rd/bar typical N2; 0,01% Rd/bar typical H2
Inlet pressure 3 bar rel
Outlet pressure atm + 150 mb max (other pressure upon request)
Warm up time < 45 min
Stabilization time < 1 min (once the device has warmed up)
Connections Swagelok 1/4″
Remote command RS 232 / Ethernet / USB
General data
Supply voltage 230V/50-60Hz – 115V/60Hz – 100V/50-60Hz
Rated power (max) min 65 to max 150  [Watt]
Dimensions 19″ 3HE/84 TE , 500mm deep / portable casing in option
Net weight 15 to 20 Kg

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