Bench for laboratory gas generators

KOMFORTO benches are designed for LC/MS systems.  Various dimensions and models are available, all easy to configure with a modular design to meets user needs. The benches are made with chemical resistant top, castors for easy moving of the system and levelling feet, and adjustable leveling feet for rock solid stability of the bench.

As LC/MS systems need at least nitrogen and could have different size and number of roughing pumps, our KOMFORTO benches have a special separate platform which fits different configuration of pumps and make service and installation of the pump easier. This solution is the most effective way for vibration removal and assure the perfect condition for operation of mass spectrometer.

KOMFORTO benches are the perfect solution to save space in the laboratory, increase comfort of operation by noise removal of roughing pump and provide the best service access to the device.

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Komforto laboratory bench

Product features

  • Robust and modular design for an easy configuration
  • Table Top made of chemical resistant material
  • Durable wheels for easy moving
  • Adjustable levelling legs
  • Space saving
  • Easy installation and service (Easy access by using a mobile platform for enclosure)
  • Noise cancelling enclosure opens from front and back for easy installation: sound suppression of 15 dBA
  • Efficient cooling system with temperature monitoring and visual and sound alarm
  • Roughing pump on independent moving platform for best vibration removal and easy service
  • Multifunctional shelves
  • Integrated electrical sockets

Main applications

  • LC/MS systems

Technical specifications

Anti vibration platform 820 x 510 mm 620 x 510 mm 420 x 510 mm
Benchtop  dimensions 1950 x 810 mm

1750 x 810 mm

1550 x 810 mm

1350 x 810 mm

1150 x 810 mm

950 x 810 mm

Benchtop Height 810 – 840 mm / (D) 890 mm

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