LNI NG CASTORE XS iQ and KOMFORTO bench solution


Pharmaceutical company




  • Nitrogen generator NG CASTORE XS iQ
  • KOMFORTO bench solution: KOMFORTO L 192D and KOMFORTO S 192 with options Monitor Arm + Keyboard Shelf


Customer main application

Our customer is a pharmaceutical company and is using a Mass spectrometer Waters TQ-XS instrument and a Shimadzu GCMS instrument.


Customer main needs

This company was looking for lab benches to provide a practical workspace in combining various elements required for complete install of Waters TQ-XS instrument to assist with R&D.

A Second Bench was required for use with Shimadzu GCMS.


Main benefits

Happy customer: the benches provided a practical and efficient worksapce to run their analysis while creating additional space in the laboratory, by being able to install LNI NG CASTORE XS iQ generator under the bench, thus eliminating additional space in the laboratory required for a gas generator.



Space improvement

Creating a clean more efficient, practical workspace in the  laboratory, by combining various elements required in a complete installation.

All elements required for use in analysis, plus  creating additional workspace means.


  • LNI KOMFORTO L 192 D with options Monitor Arm, Keyboard Shelf and LNI NG CASTORE XS iQ for Waters TQ-XS instrument.

  • LNI KOMFORTO S 192 with options Monitor Arm and Keyboard Shelf for Shimadzu GCMS instrument.

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