Zero Air generator with integrated air compressor

The AirGen series ZA FID AIR C PLUS is able to remove the total hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm. Very compact, the ZA FID AIR C PLUS is available with a low noise built-in pistons compressor, 100% oil-free.

The filtration of the hydrocarbons is performed using a catalytic oven filled with palladium. The reduction of hydrocarbons, including methane, and carbon monoxide decrease the background noise level and gives much better baseline stability, considerably increasing detector sensitivity and ensuring precise analytical results. High efficiency coalescing pre-filtration and post filtration of particulate size greater than 0.01 microns are used to prevent any kind of particles from entering the analytical device. The ZA FID AIR C PLUS has a very simple and efficient interface. It can also be managed by the HydroGen  series HG PRO and HG BASIC and is ideal to supply Hydrocarbon free Air to FID detectors.

Product features

  • Easy use and quick installation
  • Flow rate up to 30 L/min
  • Pressure up to 9 bar (130 psi)
  • RS 485 and RS 232 as standard
  • Purity: < 0.05 ppm THC
  • Long life and 100% oil free built-in compressor
  • Silent technology: < 52 dB(A)
  • No maintenance
  • Reduced foot print

Main applications

  • GC-FID
  • GC-NPD
  • GC-FPD
  • THA
  • Gas sensing

Technical specifications

Models: ZA FID AIR C PLUS 1,5 3,0 6,0 15,0 30,0
Zero Air outlet
Flow rate (Max) 1.5 l/min 3 l/min 6 l/min 15 l/min 30 l/min
Outlet pressure (min) 2 bar (29 psi)
Outlet pressure (Max) 7 bar (101.5 psi)
Total hydrocarbon content < 0.05ppm
Total CO Nox SO2 content < 0.1 ppm – Only with option 6930.72.016
Dewpoint *1 < -30°C (- 22°F)

< -50°C (-58°F) – Only with option 6930.72.015

RS485 Standard
RS232 Standard
General data
Supply voltage 100-115 Vac (±10%) 50/60 Hz
230 Vac (±10%) 50/60 Hz
Connection type IEC320-C14
Nominal power (Max) 1000W
Fuse rating (5x20mm) 10A (250Vac – T)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 43 x 75 x 68 cm
Net weight 90 kg
Outlet port 1/4″ female BSPP
Operating/storage conditions
Operating temperature 5-35°C (41-95°F)
Storage temperature 1-50°C (34-122°F)
Humidity (max, non condensing) 80% [5-35°C (41-95°F)]
Noise <52 dB(A)
IP rating IP20
*1 Atmospheric Dew Point (ADP)

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