LNI, market leader in lab hydrogen generators, is pleased to introduce a new hydrogen generators family member: the HG PRO 4000.

HG PRO 4000 is a premium H2 gas generator based on the market leader’s model HG PRO, it has been developped for labs requiring hydrogen gas to support their GC instruments and for CVD applications.
The HG PRO 4000 hydrogen generators have very unique features when compared to others.

With the highest flow rate up to 4000 cc/min of Hydrogen, purity better than 99.99999% and pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi), our HG PRO 4000 range of hydrogen generators meets the most demanding gas chromatography requirements!

Exclusive electronic flow control to control the flow of hydrogen most efficiently.

Compact, those generators fit perfectly on a wall or in a LNI bench, next to the instrument, making a perfect space-saving solution for the lab.

Maintenance-free dryer. Remote access capability allows for expert diagnosis without paying for a service visit.

Sustainable alternative to hydrogen gas cylinders.

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