Efficient laboratory furniture is paramount for the optimal performance of sophisticated analytical instruments such as Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS). This application note explores the advantages of integrating LNI Swissgas lab benches into LC-MS laboratories, emphasizing their impact on stability, customization, and overall laboratory productivity.


LNI Swissgas Lab Benches Overview:


LNI lab benches are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of modern analytical laboratories. Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, these benches provide a stable and versatile workspace tailored for the specific needs of LC-MS instrumentation.






Case Study: Enhancing LC-MS Through LNI Lab Benches:


Zentech, a leading analytical laboratory specializing in advanced mass spectrometry applications, sought to improve the efficiency and performance of their Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) workflows.

This case study explores Zentech’s experience in enhancing their LC-MS laboratory through the implementation of LNI Swissgas Komforto Lab Benches.

The task was to provide a practical workspace in combining various elements required for complete install of their LC-MS instruments and Nitrogen gas generators.

LNI provided ZenTech with a Komforto M192 bench and an NGA CASTORE XS iQ SHI.

The bench is providing a practical and efficient workspace to run the LC-MS, while accommodating the LNI nitrogen generator underneath the bench and eliminating additional requirement of space for the generator itself.

The roughing pump is noise cancelled within the bench. LNI focuses on creating safer, more quiet and more efficient workspaces in the lab.

Read our success story:





Integrating LNI lab benches into LC-MS laboratories is a strategic move to optimize the working environment for enhanced instrument performance.

With a focus on stability, customization, and ergonomic design, LNI lab benches contribute to elevating the capabilities of LC-MS systems, leading to improved analytical results.

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