Water demineralization system

The LNI demineralizators HLP series are able to supply purified water for instrumental and analytical purposes matching requirements of every modern laboratories. Conductivity of obtained water does not exceed 0.06 µS/cm, so it is applicable for PN-EN ISO 3696:1999, ASTM, CLSI, FP standards.

The system is the ideal water purification system for AAS, ICP/MS, IC, HPLC, GC instrumental analyses. Our demineralizators are equipped with a microprocessor control and measurement system. The LCD interface provides simple and user-friendly management of all functions on the unit.


Product features

  • Water purified in this device fits the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard for class II purity, and microbiological/ physicochemical FP requirements for purified production water
  • Powered by: tap water
  • Efficiency: 5 -22 l/h
  • Purified water intake speed: 1-2 I/min.
  • Conductivity < 0,06 µS/cm
  • Particle filtration: 1 µm
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced foot print

Main applications

  • AAS
  • IC, ICP/MS
  • HPLC
  • GC

Technical specifications

Models: HLP 5p HLP 10p HLP 20p
General information
Power Tap water pressure
Efficiency 5-7 l/h 10-12 l/h 20-22 l/h
Purified water intake speed 1-2 I/min
Conductivity < 0.06 µS/cm
Particles 1 µm
Dimensions (mm) 232 mm (W) x 510 mm (H) x 443 mm (D) 232 mm (W) x 570 mm (H) x 478 mm (D)  235mm (W)x570mm x ( H)470 mm (D)
Housing Acid-proof stainless steel
Water purification levels
Sediment filtration 1 µm
Module Integrated (sediment-carbon-softening)
Demineralization Mixed ion exchange
Osmosis reverse
Water oulet pressure ca. 2 bar, regulator
Tank capacity 10 L
Tank dimensions 390 mm (H) x 250 mm  (DIA)
Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Feed water parameters
Conductivity < 1200 µS/cm
Pressure  > 3.0 bar
Hardness < 250 mg CaCO3/l
Fe < 0.2 mg/l
Electrical data
Supply voltage 230V/50Hz
Water pump 24V
Energy Consumption 20-100W
Cold tap water ½” or ¾ fitting
Connector RS 232


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