AG OFCAS Scroll iQ

Direct drive Scroll compressor with integrated dryer

A scroll compressor uses two interleaving scrolls to compress air. Devices using this technology are known for operating more smoothly, quietly, and reliably than conventional piston compressors. Unlike pistons, the orbiting scroll’s mass can be perfectly counterbalanced, with simple masses, to minimize vibration. The scroll’s gas processes are also more stable and continuous. Additionally, a lack of volume gives an increased volumetric efficiency.
These Compressors can provide up to 200 l/min of compressed air at a pressure of 10bar.
The units equipped with Dryer can reach a Dew-point value <-20°C. This module, installed internally, avoid the installation of supplementary external fridge module that requires specifically trained personnel.
The electronic controls and inverter technologies to control the motor make higher efficiency and reliability of the product. The touch-screen LCD interface provides simple and user-friendly management of all functions on the unit.
The AirGen OFCAS Scroll iQ is the ideal compressor to supply the Nitrogen generators series NG CASTORE (membrane) and NG POLLUCE (PSA) for LC/MS applications.

Drive scroll compressor AG

Product features

  • Parallel connection available
  • Exclusive energy-saving algorithm
  • Operation mode with:
    • PID pressure control
    • on/off with power control
    • on/off with normal logic
  • Ultra silent technology: < 50 dB(A)
  • Oil less- low maintenance
  • Reliable – No vibration
  • Dew-point <-20°C (<-4°F) (not in BASIC models)

Main applications

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical laboratories
  • Food factory
  • Laser equipments

Technical specifications

Model: AG OFCAS iQ 220 8 220  8 BASIC 200  10 200  10 BASIC 200 8 200 8 BASIC 180 10 180 10 BASIC
General data
Dimensions 59(W)x 92(D) x 73(H) cm
Net weight 150 kg 140 kg 150 kg 140 kg 160 kg 150 kg 160 kg 150 kg
Noise level *1 < 50dB < 52dB < 48dB < 50dB
Heat value (BTU) 7510 8530 6145 6825
Air outlet
Free Air Delivery 220 L/min 200 L/min 200 L/min 180 L/min
Outlet flow at max
190 L/min 220 L/min  

170 L/min


200 L/min 140 L/min


170 L/min 110 L/min 140 L/min
Max operating pressure 8bar (116psi) 10bar (145psi) 8bar (116psi) 10bar (145psi)
Dew Point *2 <-20°C








RS232 Standard
RS485 Standard
Digital I/O Standard
Electrical data
Type of connection IEC C20
Power supply voltage 220-240 Vac (±10%) 50/60 Hz 115-240 Vac (±10%) 50/60 Hz
Nominal power 2.2 kW 2.5 kW 1.8 kW 2.0 kW
Compressed air outlet 1/4” BSPP female fitting
Condensate drain 1/4” BSPP female fitting
Operating and storage conditions
Operating temperature 2-35°C (35.6-95°F)
Storage temperature 1-45°C (33.8-113°F)
Humidity (max, non-condensing) 80% [5-35°C (41-95°F)]
Altitude < 1000 m
1 Measured at front of unit at a distance of 1 m, in accordance with ISO11201 (tolerance ±3 dB).
2 Value intended at atmospheric pressure – Atmospheric Dew Point (ADP)

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