As social distancing and travel restrictions become the norm, the remote access capability on LNI gas generators allows for expert diagnosis without on-site laboratory visit.

According to the article “remote diagnostics and support services” dated March 9, 2021 by Lab Manager, the global pandemic has increased demand for remote diagnostic and support services. Remote tools are a great opportunity to overcome the service challenges for laboratories.

As a service product manager at Agilent Technologies explains in this article, downtime issues resolved with remote assistance have faster results (eliminates on-site visit waiting time). When on-site visit is instead necessary remote diagnostics helps to prepare the visit for a qualified maintenance.

With a LNI Swissgas gas generator in your lab, COVID restrictions are not a problem. Utilizing sophisticated software tools and two-way remote control diagnostics, we are capable of monitoring the performance of your equipment in real time as well as identifying quickly pending failures before they affect your lab operations while avoiding travel.


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