Like every year, the spirit of giving takes center stage this holiday season as LNI Swissgas proudly announces a special Christmas donation to the Paduan Diocesan in support of the Santa Elena de Uairén Missionary Center in Venezuela. 🎄✨

The economic crisis that has hit Venezuela is affecting the entire country. Venezuela is a very complex reality, the State has failed in many services creating a serious humanitarian crisis, and the strong migration of Venezuelans, already very intense after 2014/15, has reached one of the highest and most dramatic points after the crisis constitutional in the years 2018/19: it is estimated that around 6 and a half million people out of a population of around 35 million have emigrated.  Unfortunately, currently, it is difficult to identify paths of hope and ways out of this situation, since the south of the country continues to be a place of mineral exploitation (gold, diamonds, coltan…) without rules, to the detriment of people’s dignity.
The area in which the diocesan missionaries from Padua are engaged is located in Santa Elena de Uairén in the south of the country, within the Gran Sabana, and is mostly made up of indigenous communities of the Pemon ethnic group.
The situation in these communities is very difficult due to the scarcity of economic resources, the lack of electricity and work. Many students are therefore unable to start school due to a lack of money not only for enrollment, but also for purchasing the necessary teaching materials, uniform and snacks. Missionaries would therefore like to support approximately 150 students from families in this area, providing what is necessary to attend school. Furthermore, meetings will be held to raise awareness of the importance of education.

Goal of the project
Support families in the expenses they have to bear to send their children to school and hold some meetings, to underline the importance of training.

Support for:
· Cost of the initial kit (notebooks, pens, pencils, eraser, markers)
· Purchase of uniforms and contribution for snacks
· Contribution for training courses aimed at children’s families

LNI Swissgas is honored to be a part of this initiative, bringing hope and empowerment to the hearts of the students and families in Santa Elena de Uairén, alleviating the expenses they bear to receive quality education.

🎓 Educational Enrichment: LNI Swissgas recognizes the transformative power of education and is delighted to contribute to the Paduan Diocesan’s efforts in enriching the learning experience at the Missionary Center. This donation aims to provide vital resources, ensuring that every child has access to quality education.

🌱 Sustainability at Christmas: This holiday season, our commitment to sustainability shines bright. The donation is not only a gift for the present but an investment in the future. We’re dedicated to supporting families by alleviating school expenses and promoting a sustainable, eco-conscious approach to education.


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