Calibration is used to link the gas analysers, sensors, monitors and GC to the primary standards. Calibration is needed to measure and control with precision emissions of industries, laboratory equipments, power plants but also to evaluate the pollutants present in the air. Thus, calibration is required:

The LNI Swissgas calibration systems allow to check or adjust the different gas monitors with the lowest uncertainty. Built in accordance with the ISO 6145 standards about the dynamic dilution system, state of the art and well recognized methods of metrology, LNI Swissgas devices uses:

to perform calibration and linearization of gaz analyser and gas sensors through the dynamic method.

LNI Swissgas calibration systems are designed with passion and precision and include exclusive features adopting the latest technologies. The quality of LNI Swissgas products is further demonstrated by ISO 17025-2008 accreditation of its measurement laboratory. LNI Swissgas is a multinational reference in manufacturing premium gas mixers and gas calibrators for analytical, industrial and environmental application.

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