We are pleased to introduce our  NG CASTORE DT, a small, smart and quiet nitrogen generator for LC-MS.

Our NG CASTORE DT range of Nitrogen generator has been specifically developed utilizing membrane technology to meet the gas delivery requirements for labs using LC-MS/MS or multiple ELSDs.
The Castore DT has been engineered to provide nitrogen to laboratories that utilize an external source of compressed air. It is compact, space-saving and allows it to be placed on a benchtop or beneath an instrument taking up minimal space in the lab.

A noise level of less than 35db! That is quieter than most residential refrigerators!
Small and light, those generators fit perfectly on a benchtop or on a wall, next to the instrument, making a perfect space-saving solution for the lab.
No electrical parts. Remote access capability allows for expert diagnosis without paying for a service visit.
(Shimadzu, Agilent, Bruker, Perkin-Elmer, Waters and others)

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