Today power and gas prices have risen to records in Europe, affecting many laboratories that still use gas cylinders to supply their analytical instruments. Switching to on-site gas generation with a LNI gas generator is the solution for your lab.


A LNI gas generator is a cost-effective solution vs high-pressure gas cylinders

Gas generators produce on-demand gas eliminating all extra costs associated with gas cylinders.

No more:

A LNI Gas Generator is a green solution that help you keep your energy costs down!

Gas generators of LNI have an energy savings competitive advantage when compared to others. Our products utilize technology with energy savings features that can make you save up to 30% of energy costs!

On-site gas generators reduce carbon footprint. A small and light machine with a push button next to your instrument replaces thousands of hazardous gas cylinders.

On-site gas generation uses renewable resources air and water.

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