Emissions reduction after COP26 UN Climate Change Conference? Don’t way the last minute and anticipate the change with LNI SONIMIX gas mixers.

Climate change and emissions reduction are becoming the world main concern and topic number one currently as COP26 UN Climate Change Conference comes to an end.

New and stricter emissions controls will probably be established by various regional and international governments to limit global emissions.

Industries, power plants and incinerators have to follow new emissions standards through the use of Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) systems. Gas analysers have been widely used by the industries and the regulating bodies to comply with various air emission standards. To meet or exceed the performance requirements, they need to be regularly calibrated.

But if you are still using gas cylinders for the calibration or linearity check of gas detectors, monitors, analysers and sensors, it is time to convert to LNI gas mixers.

For more than 30 years LNI has developed premium gas mixers and calibrators for analytical, industrial and environmental purposes. When you choose to work with a LNI gas calibration system to calibrate your instrument, you’re also working with over 30 years of combined expertise and innovation that provide reliability and accuracy to your analytical results.

Our SONIMIX gas blenders are the essential tool to comply with the various standards, they provide an accurate, cost-effective and green alternative to gas cylinders.

Very little uncertainty, best accuracy. Less cylinders for a better result.

Limit the multiple cylinders purchase, some cylinders are enough for a SONIMIX. Reduce material handling, cylinders changeover costs.

Reduce gas bottles deliveries, produce on-demand low level concentrations

Feel free to contact us, we will explain all the benefits of our SONIMIX gas mixers for Air pollution Monitoring and Emissions control.


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