Are you concerned about hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC?

LNI’s sensors provide you with peace of mind.

Even if hydrogen is the best alternative to helium as a carrier gas for GC, many lab managers are still seeing this gas as a considerable safety risk.

LNI’s H2-SENSOR Kit for GC oven is a security system that constantly measures the hydrogen level in the GC’s oven and stops the hydrogen generation if an amount above the safety threshold is detected. If the threshold value is exceeded, an alarm is issued to a PC or remote device and the carrier gas is automatically switched from hydrogen to an inert gas.

Why LNI’s H2 sensors for GC oven? Here are good reasons :

1- The best hydrogen sensors in the market according to many lab managers that have experienced various models.

2- Years of experience in the development of the most precise sensors.

3- Flexibility and ease of use.

Did you know?

Gas generators HG Series

A hydrogen generator produces on-demand hydrogen at a controlled level and at low pressure. It does not store any hydrogen inside itself. There is no risk of leaks. In the unlikely event of a leak, only a very small quantity of hydrogen is released without any explosion risks.

In case of worries with Hydrogen as a carrier gas, LNI supplies on request hydrogen sensors.

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