Our Sonimix 2106 enables real accurate calibration of GCs and ensure research studies of Gas Chromatographers to be conducted with the highest precision.

Our Sonimix 2106 is a gas mixer mainly used to calibrate and linearize gas monitors , gas sensors and GC by generating dynamic gas mixtures. Based on the principle of gas flow through sonic nozzles, the Sonimix 2106 is the most accurate and stable calibration device on the market: the dilution gas line flow accuracy reaches < 0.25 % of set point while accuracy on concentration achieved on the highest dilution ratio reaches < 0.5%. Moreover, the Sonimix 2106 generates binary mixtures from 0 to 100% in fixed steps in a pure mechanical process without electronic regulation and without any influence from ambient pressure or temperature.
Also important for Chromatography are the repeatability and reproducibility of flow measurements and generated concentrations. With the Sonimix 2106, Gas Chromatographers can be positive: repeatability on flow is below 0.1% and repeatability on concentration better than 0.14% relative.

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