In recent years, the global shortage and increasing costs of helium have prompted industries and laboratories to seek alternative solutions. One compelling alternative that is gaining momentum is the transition from helium to hydrogen for various applications, facilitated by advanced gas generation systems like those offered by LNI Swissgas. This shift not only addresses the helium scarcity issue but also brings about numerous benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness, safety, and environmental impact.

The Helium Dilemma:

Helium, a finite resource extracted primarily from natural gas fields, has been a cornerstone in various industries, including healthcare, electronics, and scientific research. However, the increasing demand and limited helium reserves have led to rising costs, making it imperative for users to explore sustainable alternatives.

The Hydrogen Advantage:

Hydrogen emerges as a promising substitute for helium in gas applications. Hydrogen is a reliable alternative to Helium as carrier gas for gas chromatography. The benefits of using hydrogen for GC and GC / MS applications are supported by on-site hydrogen generators. LNI Swissgas, a leading provider of gas generators, has paved the way for a seamless transition with state-of-the-art hydrogen generators.

Here’s why hydrogen is becoming the gas of choice:

  1. Abundant and Sustainable: Hydrogen is an abundant element, it can be generated with water everywhere, offering a long-term and sustainable solution compared to the finite supply of helium. This makes it a reliable choice for industries seeking stable and cost-effective gas sources.
  2. Cost-Effective: Hydrogen is more affordable than helium. The cost savings associated with transitioning to hydrogen can be significant, contributing to overall operational efficiency.
  3. Safe Handling: Contrary to misconceptions, hydrogen is safe when handled properly. LNI Swissgas generators are designed with advanced safety features, ensuring secure production and utilization of hydrogen for various applications.
  4. Less spares: Hydrogen use allows to decrease the temperature for separation, improving the column longevity
  5. Speed: hydrogen is faster than helium. Hydrogen has the lowest viscosity at any temperature.

LNI Swissgas Gas Generators:

LNI Swissgas has been at the forefront of providing innovative gas generation solutions, including hydrogen generators designed to meet diverse industry needs. Here are key features of LNI Swissgas gas generators:

  1. Precision and Reliability: LNI Swissgas generators are engineered for precision, delivering a consistent and reliable supply of high-purity hydrogen. This ensures optimal performance in analytical and industrial processes.
  2. Customizable Solutions: The generators are adaptable to various applications, allowing users to tailor the hydrogen production to their specific requirements. This flexibility enhances the efficiency and versatility of gas supply systems.
  3. Remote Monitoring and Control: LNI Swissgas generators come equipped with advanced monitoring and control capabilities, allowing users to manage and monitor gas production remotely. This feature enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime.


A Hydrogen Gas Generator is safe!

Safety in a lab is paramount and on-site hydrogen generation is much safer than gas cylinders storage. A hydrogen generator produces on-demand hydrogen at a controlled level and at low pressure. It does not store any hydrogen inside itself.

There is no risk of leaks. In the unlikely event of a leak, only a very small quantity of hydrogen is released without any explosion risks.

The on-board CPU on our H2 gas generators automatically check for internal leaks and constantly control the operating parameters to guarantee full safety. In case of worries with Hydrogen as a carrier gas, LNI supplies on request hydrogen sensors.


A gas generator is more cost-effective than cylinders

Gas generators produce on-demand gas eliminating gas wastes, delivery costs, cylinder rental charges, maintenance costs of cylinders, downtime costs, administration costs (re-order, price increase) etc. Return on investment usually takes less than 1 year, depending on the application requirements (usage and purity).

A Hydrogen Gas Generator is a green solution

Find out more int htis white paper:


As helium reserves become scarcer and costs rise, the transition to hydrogen with LNI Swissgas gas generators emerges as a strategic and sustainable solution. The abundance, cost-effectiveness, safety, and environmental benefits associated with hydrogen make it a compelling choice for industries and laboratories looking to future-proof their gas supply systems. Embrace the change, reap the benefits, and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future.

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