In air quality monitoring, accurate calibration of gas analyzers or sensors is mandatory to ensure the reliability and precision of pollutant measurements. LNI Swissgas has been at the forefront of delivering advanced gas calibration systems tailored to meet the exacting demands of air pollution monitoring. Central to these systems is the innovative Sonic Nozzle technology, which guarantees high precision and consistent performance. With 0.5% vs 2% of uncertainty on the dilution Sonic nozzle are much more accurate than the mass flow controller.

The Importance of Accurate Calibration

Monitoring air quality involves detecting and measuring a range of pollutants, including ozone (O3), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and hydrocarbons (HC) at extremely low concentrations, often in the parts per billion (ppb) and parts per million (ppm) ranges. These measurements require highly sensitive analyzers that must be regularly calibrated to maintain their accuracy over time. Regulations and device-specific requirements often mandate these calibration operations to ensure data integrity.

Challenges in Gas Calibration

Calibrating air quality monitoring systems presents several challenges:

Sonic Nozzle Technology: A Game-Changer

LNI Swissgas addresses these challenges with its Sonimix calibrators, which utilize Sonic Nozzle technology for on-site generation of reference gases. This technology offers several key benefits:

  1. Precision and Reliability: Sonic Nozzles create highly accurate gas mixtures by controlling the flow of gases through a precisely engineered nozzle. This results in repeatable and consistent gas concentrations, crucial for reliable calibration.
  2. Cost Efficiency: On-site generation of calibration gases eliminates the need to purchase and transport expensive gas standards. This not only reduces costs but also mitigates the logistical challenges associated with handling these gases.
  3. Stability and Storage: By generating gas standard on-demand, the issues related to the instability and storage of low concentration are effectively bypassed. This ensures that the analyzers receive fresh and accurate calibration every time.
  4. Sustainability: Accurate air quality monitoring contributes to better environment. By ensuring that analyzers are precisely calibrated, LNI Swissgas systems help in maintaining the integrity of data used for environmental assessments and policy-making.


Advanced Solutions for Specific Needs

LNI Swissgas offers a range of Sonimix calibrators designed to meet various calibration needs:

These solutions are engineered to support the diverse requirements of air quality monitoring, ensuring that analyzers remain accurate and reliable over extended periods.

In addition to the Sonic Noozle technology, LNI Swissgas can also provide more standard product working with MFC’s.


LNI Swissgas, with its long experience and its innovative Sonic Nozzle technology, sets a new standard in gas calibration for APM (Air Pollution Monitoring). By providing precise, reliable, and cost-effective calibration solutions, LNI Swissgas not only enhances the performance of air quality analyzers and sensors but also contributes to better environmental protection. LNI Swissgas calibration systems are the trusted choice for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of air quality measurements.

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