Leeden National Oxygen Ltd

Specialty Gas Supplier
Producer and distribution of high grade, pure and blended gases in various forms eg. bulk tanker, liquid tank, gas cylinders etc.

Our professionist
Lim Yan Teng – Laboratory Manager



Our Main Application

Leedenox IGP Laboratory plays an important role in the testing and QC release of gas samples manufactured by the Production plants. The analytical equipment used are mainly Gas chromatography equipment and Gas analyzers, and they require high purity gas for these analysis. Hydrogen, being one of the many gases used, is needed to support our 7 units of Shimadzu and Agilent GC-FIDs, 1 unit of Antek SCD and 1 unit of Teledyne Hydrocarbon analyzer.


Our Choice

Ease of use, robustness and high purity are important considerations. Demo unit was supplied by JAS and tested over a few weeks and the above criteria were met. LNI Swissgas offered the model, HG.PRO.1500 which has the highest flowrate, pressure and purity – all in one system, which no other brand has. Also, the concerns on the ease of use and automatic backup was easily addressed by setting up a water autofill module and having two units of H2 generator worked in parallel mode. Coupled with the reasonable price and good after-sale support, the choice to purchase the LNI Swissgas, HG.PRO.1500 was apparent.


Main Benefits

With a reliable supply of high quality hydrogen from the generators, the need to manually replace empty cylinders is eliminated. More importantly, safety of the laboratory is also enhanced as the source fire and explosion hazard is eliminated. LNI Swissgas offers exchanged parts program and reasonable cost of PM and this is expected to provide lower operating cost over other brands.

HG PRO 1500 cc/min GC-FID


Safety Improvement. Eliminate the possibility of H2 accumulation in the laboratory that may trigger a fire or explosion.

Eliminates the need for manual changing of H2 cylinders or facing disruption in the analysis due to depletion of H2 gas in the cylinders.

    1. Simple Parallel Mode Setup
    1. Water system to allow easy top up of the 5L Tank
    2. 5L Tank for Water Auto-refill

Questions to our expert

Would you recommend LNI Swissgas?
Customers looking for Hydrogen generators should consider the LNI Swissgas model.

– Product has high technical specs, is compact, and does not take up much space
– Good features – Parallel mode and Auto-water refill to eliminate downtime and reduce manual monitoring
– Expects to have lower operating cost compare to other brands
– Good after sale support

Lim Yan Teng
Laboratory Manager
Responsibility: QC Testing and Release of Specialty gas products

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