5 reasons you can trust LNI and choose the well-known NG(A) CASTORE XL iQ line-up to supply your LC-MS with collision gas

  1.  The collision gas option has been developed years ago and was successfully launched in 2020
  2.  More than 50 units with the option collision gas are running successfully all around the world
  3.  Integrated option in the generator, no extra additional machine or cylinder required
  4.  High constant purity of nitrogen – 99.999% Nitrogen at 200cc/ min.
  5.  Exclusive patented features that warranty energy and maintenance savings


Discover the LNI solution  in this brochure 👇:

NG(A) CASTORE XL iQ is the only range of nitrogen gas generators with patented technology to control nitrogen flow most efficiently.
The generator consumes up to 30% less energy than competitive products of like capacity. Above all it allows maintenance reduction compared to competitive products: over 20,000 operating hours between compressor preventative maintenance cycles. With a noise level of less than 48db, this generator is more than appreciated!

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